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NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 25

The end

Started with: She placed her hand on the panel, spoke her name and told the door to open. It slid open without hesitation and she stepped inside.

Finished with:  “We could,” he admitted, “But I've taken every precaution. We can fly there undetected on the power of two stones. Astras will shield us from detection by any Skect fighters and while we're on the way, I'm working on some alternate invisibility tools using the Astras, so that we won't even have to depend on your Luno for that. We have food and water. We have maps and navigational equipment. All I need is for you to give the word. We'll fly out there. Take a look around. See just how doable it would be to get your dad out, then make the plans from there.”

I win!  Seven years in a row I've participated in and won NaNoWriMo.  My story is not yet over, so I'm going to try to finish it by the end of the month and see just how many words I get before December hits.  I'm getting close to the climax of the story, which might be interesting, since I still haven't figured out exactly what's going on! 

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day Umm? Number?

The end

Started with: That brought forward a whole slew of questions and the man assigned to be the Second-in-Command took over and backed up Mand's cancellation of the Commander's order. After the trauma Commander Maddon had suffered during the Zalanka war, it was not inconceivable that she would respond so terribly to a Zalanka showing up in her office. A few of the healers came in to take charge of the Commander, Elmia and Chray were debriefed quickly by the Second-in-Command then were given directions to their rooms.

Finished with: Resa's Dream sat dark and quiet in the little corner of the air field where it had been parked and Elmia actually half wondered if it had been a dream brought on by a lonely mind grieving for her father.

Had a couple of really crazy days.  I was writing, but I wasn't averaging 2000 words anymore, plus I discovered that my desktop computer's word count and my laptops word count were about 400 words off, which is why I thought I was losing my mind in several cases of word counts.  Then I wrote for a bit one day and decided to see what the official Nano counter said I'd written.  -51 words for the day.  LOL!  Ended up being about 500 words off from the laptop (900 for the desktop).  However, I probably have only one more day of writing before I hit 50,000.  Story is not going to end there, however.  This may be my longest NaNo draft ever.

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 20

The end

Started with: “Half a mile down,” she said, “in solid rock. Not likely they'll find it again.”

Finished with: Elmia relinquished the controls and made sure her own seat was fastened well. She spotted the island a moment later. It was much smaller than anything they'd landed on so far. Maybe a mile or two in diameter, if that. She checked the Luno Stone that powered the ship. “We've got plenty of power still. Landing should be no problem.

Wrote less than normal yesterday.  Had my writing time cut short by my daughter begging for my attention.  :-)

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 19

The end

Started with: She pointed out the window. “There's Indell.”

Ended with: A thin sheen of sweat shown on her face, but she at least seemed satisfied with her work.

I have no idea where my story is gong now!  Lalala! 

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 18

The end

Started with: A brilliant dawn rose over the little island. The entire village had gathered to see off the two youngsters who had crashed on their island a month before. Thought the Arlim were not a hugging race, they did allow themselves this odd practice, because it seemed to be what Elmia needed from them. Chray was more serious and more somber and took his leave of them according to their own traditions, a brief hand clasp followed by a gentle headbump. Arlim would have done the bump a little harder with one another, but they were kind on Chray's softer skin. His head still hurt when they were done.

Ended with: “Okay then. Time for your first flying lesson, because I don't trust the automatic pilot much further than I can throw it.” He quickly ran through the basics of the flight, then showed her the controls. There was a matching set of piloting controls on Elmia's side, designed for filling in, or emergencies, or what have you. When he had her in full control and things seemed to be going just fine, he got up and stretched before heading into the back for a visit to the lavatory and to grab something to eat. Their supplies had been filled out by the Arlim before they'd left. Most of the food was dried fish, meat, and fruits, but there was a bit of fresh food here as well and they'd need to eat that up first. He used one of the astrastones that had remained intact to cook up a quick meal for the two of them, then he rejoined Elmia at the front.

I have officially hit the point of "Okay, what happens next?" in this book.  I know sort of where I want to go, but I do not have a concrete plan! 

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Days 16 & 17

The end

Day 16 - Started with: Unless she did some things to draw attention to it, she could keep her powers as they were and practice them daily. She would be ahead of her peers when the time came for the 'official' classes.

Ended with: “Oh, I agree,” Eldur said as he sipped his juice. “But you have to recognize that he will automatically think that way, regardless of what he knows. Until he has trained his thoughts differently, he will default to what he knows best.

Day 17 - Started with: And that is what he knows best, not necessarily what is best.”
Elmia set her empty cup down and clasped her hands between her knees. “Do you think he'll hate me more for saving his life?”

Ended with: She looked down at her hand. “My ring! You found my ring!” It was her Luno Stone ring that Chray had thrown into the woods a few weeks before. It still glowed silvery as the full moon. “My father's still alive.” She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. “Thank you! Thank you so much!”
He stood stiff and awkward for a moment, then carefully hugged her back.

Snippet!  Because alliteration is fun!

With a grinding snap of jagged rusty teeth, the precariously perched piece of paneling plummeted planet-ward and only slowed when it met his right arm which had been slower coming out of the cavernous maw of the thruster.

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 15 - Halfway Day!

The end

Started with: Eldur stalked up to the Zalanka filled with a certain fury that no one probably knew except Elmia and Chray. “While you have a family safe and sound on your island, she has just lost the only family she has. Without her father, she is a ward of the state and that has never been a happy place for anyone to be in. You Zalankas do things differently and feel things differently, but by the moons above, if you plan on getting very far in the TIA, you better learn to adapt to the Alikana way of doing things or you will find yourself a faceless warrior among thousands to be sacrificed on the front lines!”

Finished with: Elmia didn't know if she would be allowed to keep all of those things unlocked when she got back home, though Eldur was quite insistent that if she didn't mention it and talk about such things, then no one would probably notice unless they actually took the time to examine her stone.

Got some extra words done while at the Write-in and while I didn't get exactly as many as I wanted, I did get almost 3000 for the day, which is always a good day.  I had a lot of fun with the scenes I wrote.  Now it's time for a turning point in the story.  :-D

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 14

The end

Started with: Eventually, she seemed to run out of things to day and fell motionless. Chray tried to let his shoulders relax but he was really tense from the general run of the last few days. He kept letting his mind wander back to what Eldur had said, about him being surprised about what use the salvage from the crashed glider would be. What could he have meant?

Ended with:  “Look here, old man. She's not going to accomplish anything by pining for him all day long, day after day. I've spend three days listening to her whine, and I'm over it!” Chray thumped down his load of supplies on a wooden bench with a little too much energy.

Only 1481 words yesterday, which was my lowest word count so far.  Splitting headaches are killers to productivity...

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 13

The end

Started with: Chray's fur bristled, which seemed to only amuse the old man. “You Zalankas. You're all so serious in every way. It is not a bad thing, sometimes, but it's important to let go and lighten up every so often. Don't take everything personal and by the moons' sake, don't be so serious all the time. Ah, here's our lunch!”

Ended with: “Finally,” Chray snorted and fell in next to her as they started off. For a long time, they walked in silence, though Elmia apparently carried on a conversation with the Arlim on her right. Chray could hear her muttering under her breath as she hand talked to the man.

I reached the halfway point.  I'm a little more than 2 days ahead of the game now.  I'm starting to get into the dangerous zone in my book, where I'm not entirely sure where I'm going. 

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Day 12

The end

Started with: “They have weapons.”
“So do we,” he growled. “Be ready to run back.” He waited until he heard the footsteps in front of him shift. “Now!”

Finished with: “A fact of life, my fuzzy youngster.”

Okay, so I had a little to much fun with my eccentric old man in today's writing.  Plus, he called Chray a fuzzy youngster, which made me laugh.  The things I do to amuse myself! 

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